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Formulation and physicochemical evaluation of toothpaste formulated with Bay leaf extract and compared with Commercial Herbal Toothpastes

Kunwarsingh Sastiya*, Kirti Malviya, Sangeeta Dwivedi, Sapna Malviya, Anil Kharia

Modern institute of pharmaceutical sciences Gram Alwasa, behind revati range, Indore.


The main aim of the present work is to prepare, evaluate and compare Lab Made Herbal toothpaste with commercial Herbal toothpastes. In the present study, commercial Herbal toothpastes such as Himalayaand Dant kanti have been evaluated for their quality. All the marketed Herbal tooth pastes and Lab Made Herbal toothpaste which had been evaluated complied with the standards specified by the Bureau of Indian Standards. The formulations were subjected to various evaluation tests like pH, Spreadability, abrasiveness, foaming ability, cleaning ability, fineness, moisture and volatile content, tube inertness, and stability studies. All the Results of evaluating parameters showed that Labmade formulation is comparatively equal and rarely better in terms of results than marketed formulation. Hence the selected Labmade formulation was found to be of good quality.

Keywords: Commercial Herbal toothpastes, Bureau of Indian standards, Toothpaste Ingredients.

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