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Pravin Morankar, Alok Pal Jain*

Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan University, Bhopal (M.P.)


Diabetes mellitus (DM) is a group of heterogeneous disorders with distinct genetic, etiologic and pathophysiological mechanisms with the common elements of glucose intolerance and hyperglycemia, due to insulin deficiency, impaired insulin action or by both. World Health Organization (WHO) report on diabetes shows that in 2014 the global prevalence of diabetes is 9% among adults aged 18+ years, majority of which are Type-II diabetics and 1.5 million deaths are resulted directly due to diabetes. These estimates are expected to increase by the year 2030. About 80 % of the total diabetic populations live in developing countries. In India, as per ICMR estimates, 40.9 million of total population are diabetic, which is expected to rise to 69.9 by 2025. A prevalence study by ICMR indicates 2.1 percent of urban population and 1.5 percent of rural population to be diabetic. Medicinal plants and formulations comprising many medicinal plants are being promoted as anti-diabetic drugs in the drug market. Although there is an intense research on the development of herbal drugs, only a small fraction of medicinal plants has been explored and validated. Therefore, this review of traditional medicinal and pharmacological uses of antidiabetic plants will provide a ground for future research.

Keywords: Antidiabetic plants, Type 2 Diabetes, Clematis heynei, Solanum virginianum

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